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The big Wiesey.

Posted on: May 22, 2009 4:14 pm
Those who continue to slag on Michelle Wie are quick to forget one of the
primateurs of sport, "never give up." While easy to dump on her because
she hasn't won on the LPGA tour, in the long run it will be more important
to remember her tenacity when she was down. Currently while not having
won on the LPGA, she has had a way better than average year by any
objective assessment. Twice winning over 100,000 and currentlly battling
back from a 73 opening round which placed her tied for 103rd place
in the Corning Open. Interestingly she played her best round in a while
to make the cut comfortably, with a second round 67. THose incisive
viewers, both pro and anti Wie's alike, will note that she birdied the
last 3 holes to go from outside the qualifying number for 36 holes
to easily inside the number, currently tied for 47th place.

She will not go away. None of the hatemonger attitude
nor those who think she would be better off going to a
speech pathologist or a sexual energy shrink, will surive
as long as she will on the PGA tour.
She will win and when she does they will come often, the wins,
and her persistence will show that she has the patience and
the game to not only compete but be dominant.

The PGA Tour? A goal of hers is to compete on it.
Easy to bet against it, but not easy to bet against
her. She is not going away anytime soon.
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